Practices will follow the schedule below:

  • Monday – 6:00am swim at YMCA
  • Tuesday – 6:00am swim at YMCA
  • Wednesday – 6:00am swim at YMCA (Kick day – bring kickboard and old shoes)
  • Thursday – 6:00am swim at YMCA (Note: No practice on late start days)
  • Friday – 6:00am dryland at LBJ

Map to East Communities YMCA.

Coach Cardinale will send an email to the Google Group in the event practice must be cancelled due to weather.

All swimmers must attend a minimum of three days of practice each week.

Any team member with a practice percentage below 60% at the time entries for a particular meet are due will not be entered in that meet or excused from school to participate when applicable. This is a cumulative attendance percentage throughout the season and only includes regularly scheduled practices. When/if optional practices are offered (school holidays, etc), absences will not be counted against any swimmer but these may be used to help replace an absence and bring up a swimmers attendance percentage.


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