It’s hard to believe it┬ábut the time has come to gather together to celebrate another season of fabulous and fun Jag swimming. Please click on the link below to secure your spot at the big event.
A few important things to note:
1. Each swimmer plus one guest (parent, sibling, etc) attends for free!! (If there are two swimmers in the family, you get two guests for free.)
2. If you choose to bring an additional guest, you will pay $30 (plus a small service charge).
3. Even if it just the swimmer plus one guest (or none) coming, PLEASE follow the link and sign up. We MUST have exact numbers.
4. Please RSVP┬átogether for swimmer and guests. Adding tickets later doesn’t work well with this system.
5. Abel’s limits us to 130 guests total. We only had about 115 last year, so we don’t anticipate any problem there. Just FYI.
6. We must get final numbers by February 19.
Thanks everybody, and GO JAGS!
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