• The meet info can be found here
  • Meet entries can be found here
    • Warm-ups start at 8:15am
    • Meet starts at 9:00am
    • All swimmers need to be on the UT pool deck NO LATER THAN 8:00am.  Please plan for time to park your car (going to be very busy at this time) and time to walk to the swim center.
    • Warm-ups start at 5:15pm
    • Meet starts at 6:00pm
    • All swimmers are expected to be at Finals even if you do not qualify.  We are team and coach wants the entire team to support the swimmers who will swim in Finals
    • If you are unable to attend Finals, you must talk this over with Coach Cardinale
    • Swimmers who qualify for Finals should be on the pool deck NO LATER THAN 5:00pm.
    • Swimmers who do not qualify can come NO LATER THAN 6:00pm
  • The team will go to Double Dave’s just north of campus (3000 Duval) to have a late lunch.
  • This is not mandatory and the Booster Club will not be paying for lunches.  So, if you plan to attend, please bring $$.
  • The Booster Club will provide snacks at the meet.
  • Parking is approved for the AISD Swimming and Diving Invitational on 11/01/13 in the Trinity Garage (TRG) and Manor Garage (MAG) on a self-pay, space available basis.
  • Parking is $12/day and is paid when you exit.  If you exit and then enter again, you will have to pay for parking the second time you enter.
  • All vehicles must be out of the UT garages by midnight since there is a home football game on 11/2/13.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jamie Lukeman at 512.471.7703
  • Please be mindful of any parking spot that is marked with needing a special permit.  UT Parking Officials are notoriously aggressive on giving tickets.
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