Round Rock Invitational Psych Sheet

Round Rock Invitational Meet Timeline


  • All swimmers/divers must arrive at the Round Rock Pool NO LATER THAN 7:45am.  Meet suits will be ready and distributed at this time. This will give everyone time to get their suit and change then get in the pool for warm-ups.
  • Pool is located at:  Mikki Krebsbach Pool, 301 Deepwood Drive, behind Round Rock H.S.
  • All swimmers/divers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the meet.  Carpooling is highly encouraged.  
  • Meet starts at 9am and should end between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

  • Bring a black swim suit in case there is something wrong with the meet suit (wrong size, wrong order, tear, etc).  Always be prepared!!
  • Goggles and LBJ Swim Team cap.  Mrs. Syzdek will be at the meet to distribute silicone caps if you ordered one.  She will have a few extras to sell in case you didn’t order one yet. Cost is $10. Please bring exact change.
  • ALL swimmers/divers must bring 2 non-perishable food items.  This is a requirement from the meet organizers and part of our entry fee.  If we do not provide the minimum food items we will not be invited back next year.  The Round Rock High School Swim Team is collecting non-perishable food items and donating them to the Round Rock Serving Center.  You can bring canned goods, peanut butter, mac ‘n cheese, pasta, rice, beans, cereal, etc.  Your donations are going to a great cause!
  • Warm clothing.  It will be a bit chilly in the morning, especially when you are wet.  Bring hat, coat, gloves, warm-ups, extra clothes, extra towel, etc.  
  • Folding chair.  There is limited seating
  • Sunscreen.  This is an outdoor pool.  
  • Homework or something to keep you occupied
  • Snacks and $$ for lunch.  The Booster Club will provide snacks and bottled water, but if you want something specific you need to bring it.  There is a concession stand at the meet.  Parents may take orders and go get sandwiches for lunch.  Bring $10 for this if you want to participate in this.   

  • You can park in the front lot
  • Some of you asked if volunteers are needed.  We are not hosting the meet, so I’m unsure of what type of volunteers are needed.  However, usually they need some volunteers at some point.  Please help out if you can.
  • We may need some help unloading the snacks, bottled water, and cooler(s) at 7:45m.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Yes, there is practice on Friday, Oct 12.  
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